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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

I recodnice myselft in this flash

I had dreams about these things to, and that vegtable in the closet. Thats why i liked it, however your flash and audio skills could improve. Keep doing flash, and dont get raped by those things.

Eastbeast responds:

Watch your corn hole out in hyrule there bud. haha thanks for the review :)


Nice to see a story based on Hyrule that doesn't involve link in some way...if you want to see link you wont find him here but if you are interested in the larger Hyrule/ LoZ universe this is a movie for you...

Eastbeast responds:

Thank you for the score, as well as recognizing the merits of secondary characters in the zelda storylines, particularly on that era, like kafei and anju, the running man, Malon, a whole bunch that I think have alot to say. Thx for the review :)

Ahh redeads and Majoras Mask...

Heavy propane nightmare fuel with an E rating.
Everything was goodd and the ending piqued thought, now you just need to work on the quality of animation. Im not saying the animation was bad, it was VERY good; but nothing is perfect and thats the only erea I can see working improvement on.

Eastbeast responds:

Hah I like the your first sentence introduction. Funny only the begining and middle were in my dream, and the end was just what I thought it should be, being a tragedy. Thanks for your review, I love those 64 zelda games, I would have liked to see one more made for that console.

Attention to detail. I LOVE IT

Alright, I have had enough! Someone needs to stand up and save Hyrule!!!!!
(lol I beat OoT too :) )

By the way, professional or not, I'm sick of hearing it pronounced wrong, IT IS SAID:

OCK-UH-REE-NUH ocka-rina get it? For all those people who "accents" or just think they are right, OCRINA is said OC A RINA

This was just the right place to put that since more true fans will see this than non-fans.


that guy at the end...

STILL creeps me out, even after so long. wish more people would use the whole 'resurrecting redead' thing.

Eastbeast responds:

Haha it still creeps me out too after all these years. Your review is appreciated. :) I was definitely going for feel on this flash