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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

pretty good

this was good but whats up with the teddy bear is it like part of the zombies or what

good 2nd animation

it was good but you have to think about what thinks literally look like and then replicate it

for example tears don't just fall in balls out of your eyes, they stream down your cheeks.

and shadows aren't just big blocks that don't change shape, they bend onto different surfaces, half your shadow can be on the grass and the other half on the wall, causing it to become slightly distorted you know?

that's what you should draw, you clearly have the potential.

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for the artistic advice, I will remember it for my next flash :)

Pretty good

I hate redeads soooo muuuch especially in Wind Waker...

Eastbeast responds:

Yeah, personally I liked them in oot and mm better because they seemed less explained and less over produced. thx for the review


It's good that in OoT zombies don't walk in graveyard.. But they live in Royal Family grave.. They creeps me out.. I hate them..
Ah, yes, why dog and mom didn't changed to zombie? And in begin of night i heard Sun's Song, why it gives powers to zombie?
P.S. Looks like that grave with zombie is new..

Eastbeast responds:

I like to leave alot of things up to interpritation. ButI would say that the dog and mom both were "killed" by the redead and the father was only wounded. I wasn't using already implemented zombie logic, so I made some of my own. Thanks for the review :)


This work shows that you, as an animator, have real ability. You can set out to create something creepy and the finished product certainly feels that way. Your drawing of the monster really worked. Something about it being a vaguely drawn, almost messy in a way, made it feel un-real and not natural. The occupants of the village, and the village itself, were also somewhat crudely drawn (some of the characters were built out of gradient fills) and the feeling of creepiness from the monster was lost somewhat as it appeared it was un-intentionally drawn in that style. If the occupants of the village were drawn crisply and less slap-dash the entire animation would feel a lot creepier. It would make the monster appear even more 'not of this world' and add to the general eeriness of the animation.
So far as I could see, the character which had most attention to detail was the one-man band. He was only in it for a split second and if that level of detail was given to the main characters, it would improve the animation greatly.
Furthermore, the audio sounds you used didn't really add to the animation. They were of low-quality and jarred somewhat for me.

With better audio and more attention to the drawing and animation fronts, this could be a very good animation. Full credit to you for getting onto the front page with only your second animation, it is testament to the promise you show as an animator.

Eastbeast responds:

I really appreciate that you took the time to give it a constructive review. In retrospect, having done this a few months ago and I've improved a bit since, I would have used less gradiants and made the characters crisper, but in a way, I do like them as they are, just because they fit a medium of artism I was going for. As for the sounds, I found them to be tiny jewels of the game they came from. Thanks for the review, your thoughts are kindly noted :)