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Reviews for "Night of the Redead"

Definitive colors...

Okay, second animation, really not bad at all! The problem is, sometimes my eyes couldn't concentrate on the character being focused on because the backround was all slurred together. There was no definition to it, it was hard to differentiate the grass between the re-dead.

I loved how links jack ass acts are whats causing the whole town trouble though XD. Please continue the series.


It made me think of Majora's Mask, I always did wonder why the little girl never did have a mother... Though it seems in every zelda game, every child only has one parent... Personally, I liked this alot, at first the graphic style kind of pushed me away but as I watched I got more into it, and at one point I was like just like OH SHIT ITS ALIVE AGAIN. But yeah, good work. lol.



If you got from this video that the author wants people to kill themselves, then whose truly the emo 'freek'?

I liked it.

Sure, the animation was not the best, but I am a story person myself. You did well with the skills you have. I found it refreshing to see a monster story where you had everyday people dealing with horrific things, not the typical muscle-bound or super-powered heroes. It is also not typical to have the foe undefeated. It was also nice to see a flash based on a video game which does not use sprites. In short, it was nice to see what a fantasy world might be like with normal, everyday people in the story. Your dream proved to be an interesting plot device. Well done!


pretty good animation, but sad as fukin hell though, why do u want to make peeple feel like killing themselves ya emo freek!!!!

Eastbeast responds:

If you don't like seening people die, then I would recommend against seeing the last Harry Potter film. ;)

Good but not great

ok i have 2 points of veiw here one as a veiwer and one as a hardcore zelda fan

i liked the plot and the way it was delivered the animations could have been better but as its ur 2nd animation il let that pass

as a zelda fan i have to say u cant mix storys plces and charactors from two zelda games (Oot and MM in this case) also anji marred kafi not the weird professer although nice insight into how he may have become a monster

over all i give it a 7/10 keep on working at it dude

Eastbeast responds:

Thanks for your review. I'll agree to disagree with you about mixing games together, because in my opinion, I did it so respectfully. And secondly you might as well tell people not to mix mario games either, but they do anyway. I'll keep working on my animation and make somthing even better next time