Reviews for "Bio Assault"

nice game

i don't see a lot of good vertical shooters, for some reason
yours is good, but i find that money was too easy to gather and upgrades were too easy to buy,
other than that i also find that the upgrade is pretty limited as in too straightforward, maybe in Bio Assault 2 you should make a tree of some sort?

Its fun, but...

Its just a bit to short and way to easy. I only died once, but that was because i didnt had the right waepon on. And you can get the upgrades way to easy. I hope to see more, but make it more challenging plz!

It was ok

Your generic shoot-up space games but nevertheless entertaining.

My only concern was the abundance of health received on each level. If you would add a hard mode as well as a storyline for the sequel that would be great.

All and all, good game.

stages were good, bosses.... unfotunatly

id say the game is simple, yet well made, what had me wondering was the boss fights, they were all the same, except for the 1st one that was suppose to be easier without the center missiles, but all the rest were the same, i see a lot of good ideals for a next part if any, but cmon, make the bosses a bit more.... unique to each other

good game btu lag kills it when it happens

The number of bullets is fine but when the game lags the rate of ship fire doesn't slow down so the screen will get full of red dots and missiles everywhere that will hit you with no way around it.

That's kind of rare in the shooter, the fact that lag right out hurts you and not just give you better more time to think. Setting the Q to low removed the lag for the most part so it turned out fine.