Reviews for "Bio Assault"

good but

too many enemies bullets, I like the bosses music

pretty good

definitely a bit much on enemy fire, and one or two other little things, but fun.

Perfectly flawed

I love these types of shooters. Bullet hell, over the top, with wild firepower. However, there are a lot of things that made this game subpar, compared to others in this genre.

1 - The massive Hit Box. Most bird's eye shooters have a ship with a hit box of a few pixels, not the entire ship. And with a ship as large as this one, it gets to be extremely difficult to avoid anything. Maybe if the ship started out large, but you could upgrade and get more compact ships?

2 - Lack of invincibility after being hit. It's annoying getting caught in a barrage of missile, all of which chain and hit at the same time and annihalate your health, even with maximum durability and a temporary shield.

3. The currency disappearing too quickly. Especially combined with the first two issues I mentioned, it made grabbing any money nearly impossible in later levels.

4. I found a major glitch. The Worm Strike attack can hit your own ship. I've died by it a few times already.

It's a great game and concept, but those flaws make things a lot tougher than they need to be. I would definitely play a sequel! Keep up the good work and you'll get a 10 from me. :)

Good game

you should reduce the quantity
of bullets, my screen turned red!!!

it could be great

this game would be really amazing if you coudl jsut balance it better. first off, you make it so impossibly hard the ONLY way to upgrade it to do repiditevly to gain bytes and upgrade, a game shouldnt be like that. secondly reduce whats going on in the screen, i have played bullet heaven and this is much worse when it comes ot obstacles it gets to a point where you CANT avoid bullets. third reduce the firing rate or the amount of shots used by certian enemies, again its so hard to a put you constantly die. if you could fix these minor errors this game would be outstanding