Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Very buggy

It's very fun and pretty, but there are sooo many bugs. One where if you are just about to die and you pick up health it finnishes the level, if you have your shield up and you fly to far forward the enemies stop coming and the perma shield...


The gameplay and the art was enjoyable, but i realized that i could just spam press space and keep up my shield 24/7... essentially making me invincible throughout the whole game, as long as i kept mashing space. Fix this, it takes the fun out of the game.
Also, those little yellow creepers fire way too many bullets at a time.

Because of a few mistakes, this game's unplayable.

1. This is clearly a bullet hell game, and the player's hitbox is too large. You should reduce the hit box at least the center of the ship. This is especially a problem during boss battles and enemy swarms.

2. No stage select. This is a problem because of the difficulty spike. Oh, and money gain to upgrade cost ratio is atrocious; I get an average of 300 bytes and the cost of upgrades can cost more than that. That means I have to play a level TWICE to get an upgrade.

The graphics may look nice, but they don't make up for the poorly executed game mechanics.

Nice game

Played it all the way through

Little cheat for being invincible

Nice game, it was fun, and i loved music.
For being almost invincible: just buy the shiel and keep tapping the spacebar...since this powerup has unlimited uses, it will make you invincible, even for crashing enemies.
So, don't cry if level 5 is hard, go for it and play!!