Reviews for "Bio Assault"

This game is so easy to have these badges, even though you kept on failing on any level, you earn some bytes, you lose at least 1/3 of them. Keep upgrading, these help me a lot, nice job! :D

Oh My God! This is the style what I love! Great job :D

Design and implementation is good, but medals fail....what kind of medal is "reach this area" thats a given...

Enemy fire is on caffeine, I mean there's too many enemy bullets. Not sure if its a lag but otherwise very fun.

There only one complaint.

I enjoy this classic retro shooter, but getting 100 point medal on reach level 11 and 12 doesn't seem very deserving. I played multiple game where getting a medal of those caliber require extreme skill or luck, maybe add a hidden superboss?. Otherwise I really do enjoy it.