Reviews for "Bio Assault"

Oh My God! This is the style what I love! Great job :D

Design and implementation is good, but medals fail....what kind of medal is "reach this area" thats a given...

Enemy fire is on caffeine, I mean there's too many enemy bullets. Not sure if its a lag but otherwise very fun.

There only one complaint.

I enjoy this classic retro shooter, but getting 100 point medal on reach level 11 and 12 doesn't seem very deserving. I played multiple game where getting a medal of those caliber require extreme skill or luck, maybe add a hidden superboss?. Otherwise I really do enjoy it.

good game btu lag kills it when it happens

The number of bullets is fine but when the game lags the rate of ship fire doesn't slow down so the screen will get full of red dots and missiles everywhere that will hit you with no way around it.

That's kind of rare in the shooter, the fact that lag right out hurts you and not just give you better more time to think. Setting the Q to low removed the lag for the most part so it turned out fine.