Reviews for "Bio Assault"


this is a good game
i think you should make it so i can switch between arrowkeys and mouse cause arrow keys would prolly make it harder. anyway. you remind me of shellcore skirmish :D

One Life?

And mouse control? I don't think I need to explain what's wrong with that combination.

This thing needs repairing in those spots. I perfer using the the arrow keys with this kind of game, makes it easier to navigate.


Ahh I miss these type of games I sooooo rule at them. These type of games are unfortunately the only type that I'm good at.


Bullets. Bullets everywhere


What? For a shooter of this type I actually thought it was way too easy... sigh ...

I just started by upgrading the byte magnet, from there it was easy get pretty decked out by level 5.

Great game ... concept was a bit overdone ... gameplay was also a bit uninspired ... but it was damn pretty.

Very smooth, very slick.