Reviews for "Bio Assault"

A bit easy..

Didn't even used my special attacks. like space and num: 1,2,3,4. No sorry I just upgrades my magnet, firepower and some hull and speed. Not even maxed out! And I beated the game like a cake walk. You know why? The bosses are almost the same they spawn fire exact the same like all the bosses they only look different. AI was OK but damn sometimes the normal battles where easier than the bossbattles LOL you dodge those bullets so easy (bosses) Loves the upgrade system though, and the graphics and music. That is also the ONLY reason I would still give this a 10 and a 5. Game looks awesome, so I will comment you to really make a sequel with more and deathlier aliens/badguys. If you do that you got yourself an awesome adicting game. Hope you make a sequel :D!!! Fun game though really. I played it out so... that says at least something.

Well... long message, sorry for that. Peace out. ^_~

One flaw

You should keep ALL they bytes you manage to get before you die, not just a bit.
And its a hardish game if your aiming to win.

Awesome shooter, but could use some tweaking.

Let me say this, Bio Assualt is a LOT of fun to play. But it has a few issues that hold it back from being (in my book) a Newgrounds classic. The main problem being the repetetiveness of the stages. It does have unique enemies, but after seeing the same patterns over and over through the games twelve stages they become rather uninspired. The other problems include: Recycled boss patterns, lack of keyboard support, and that good ol' lenient retry button. I also encountered a bug in level eleven where no enemies were appearing, and the stage never came to an end. All right, now that I got all my petty hardcore gamer complaints out of the way, let me tell you the good stuff. The weapons are really cool, the action is really tight, the music fits perfectly, and the graphics are reminiscent of Geometry Wars. This game is definately going in my favorites, but as I said. It could have been SO much better.

Hey I found glitch

It is, in fact, the only way I beat the game. It might just be because my computer is stuck in the stone age, but as I play and my heath gets down low, If I time it so that I pick up a health pack right as I explode, it tells me I won the level instead of telling me game over. It happens every time no matter where I am in the level. So, other than that, the game is wicked hard and pretty well made, but fix that glitch =D

Very nice game!

It helps that I am quite good at this and managed to get to the seventh level on my first try! What's also great is that this game has very impressive original designs. My only complaint is that the controls with the mouse do seem to get a bit difficult. The music and everything else was very well done. My biggest word of advice is to simply work all around the gunfire when the boss is there. Even if you simply randomly fire throughout that part, chances are you will get some good hits in.

Each enemy seemed to have a very unique attack style to it as well. It was fairly hard with how you did not keep the powerups that you got. At least you were able to keep the upgrades consistent. It took me awhile to notice that you were even suppose to collect those blue dots the enemies left behind. The music is stylistic as well.