Reviews for "Zee & The Alien Machine"


We need another Zee adventure!


This is really a great game!!! Haha, I'm really impressed with the game.

i am stuck plz help me !!!

i am stuck with that sweating guy what to do with him?? and what to get in replacement of hot dog in that machine plz help me i am giving it a ten because the work is great and i love the charecter hahahahah its funny how the girls and that sweaty guy dances lol............

Haloskyrim don't put up comments like that, just kill the ending for everyone.

i love you zeebarf (in a non gay way) also if you decide to reply to me PM me dont reply to the comment: will there be a part 2? please consider making one! i know the ending to this is fine but i really enjoyed it and i would like a 2nd one