Reviews for "Catburger factory"

good game

just workout the glitch if you retry a level in the second half the meat just explodes

Pretty good but...

The first part where the electricity is used (i cant remember which) the meat just explodes no matter what. Still a good game!

Old Concept, Good game

Good version of the plumber-thing!
I donĀ“t understand why, but the game actually lags for me, and it rarely does that even when I play action games.

Not bad

There were a few bugs, such as the meat not wanting to flow on the third level (just exploded everywhere every time I turned the wheel). Other than that, it's not a bad game at all, certainly keeps you entertained for a few hours. Nice work!

Good, but....

Like this game - its a fun twist on pipe dream, and I like how the characters are doing different things on each level - not just making the same burgers the same way in 20 different pipes.

The only thing is - It seems to be impossible to beat the 2nd part of level 8. No matter what, I'm always left with one open end of pipe. So, 7/10, but only because I don't like games I can't beat.

illishock responds:

Bug with 8 level and second part of level corrected.