Reviews for "Pixeland"

OMG man!!

Haha when i started to play i didn't know what to expect but it was one of the most amazing games i've played in NG... There are a few details i would like to change tough, like the controls, some times it doesn't respond, and it's to short man!... Beside that you made an excellent work... Kudos!

starBlinky responds:

Well thank you very much sir!

There seems to be a lock up issue with the controls according to some of the reviews, perhaps try using ASDW+SPACE instead of arrow keys, see if that fixes it.

Unless you're talking about the slight delay when trying to move off of a wall, that is actually a feature that makes it easier to wall jump.

Pelo says...

~Surprisingly addicting.
~Great learning curve.
~Challenging extra levels.

~A little sensitive.
~Unlocking the puzzle mode.
~Exclamation Blocks aren't consistent.

I gotta say, this game is really good...much better than Meatboy because it isn't brutally hard or impossible. The bonus levels at the end of each world are pretty awesome, too (except the last one, that's just cold). However, the collision detection feels a little too sensitive (did I really just hit that lava?).

My overall complaint is starting the Puzzle levels. I want to see what's in them, but I've given up trying to beat the final challenge. It requires absolute precision and an exact path. Those take away from the challenge and make it unnecessarily hard. One thing that also makes this final challenge difficult is the Exclamation Blocks' patterns don't restart when you die. I may have the right path down, but it doesn't mean anything if the Block is solid.

Perhaps instead of requiring all 5 challenge stars to unlock the puzzles, why not 4 so that if someone gets stuck, they can just come back to it later after the other levels?

Don't get me wrong, this game is great. It taught the game in a good way, and the difficulty curve was perfect.

Overall, great job on gameplay, but I'm disgruntled with the stars.


starBlinky responds:

Thank you!

Actually I completely agree with you with pretty much everything you've said.

I actually planned on keeping the game short! But when it was just the main 25 levels, it felt so bland, so I ended up adding in bonus levels. They were fun, so I kept them. But at this point I forgot all about my main focus of the game,which was to keep it seemingly short and simple.

Thanks a lot for the great review!

Almost perfect!

Just out of curiosity, in World 4, is the intent of the bonus challenge to have both a clone and sloppy controls?

Perhaps it's just this computer (though the game ran perfectly fine up until this point) but the controls are a little sloppy for this particular level. Especially movement.

Occasionally the movement will lock in one direction or the other, and occasionally both movement and jumping will be non-responsive.

If this is deliberate, I think it's a bit much, cause it's inconsistent and thus made this level completely luck-of-the-draw.

Aside from that little bug report, this game is near perfect, and runs great. Keep it up!

starBlinky responds:

Actually that must have been your computer. All the levels control the same.

Make sure you don't have too many windows open in the background running flash. You can always try to refresh the page too to see if that fixes it.

I simply adore this game!

You've just successfully combined MeatBoy and the classic "step on the blocks" concept! Can't wait for that sequel!

starBlinky responds:

Thank you :)

good cencept

i like the idea and gameplay but the controls are a little unresponsive

starBlinky responds:

Unresponsive might be the wrong word.

I have had people complain of the controls before but I tried my hardest to perfect them. And eventually the controls weren't a problem any more.

Unless you go into further detail, I'll have to disagree. But thank you for the criticism. :)