Reviews for "Toy Titan"


LOL i love this style, you get 9/10 for that.
you get the extra +1 point for the ending.
"You have tiger blood in you"
Made my laugh.



Good and Addictive

I like these kind of games. You gather money, spend it on upgrades, gain more money until you reach the maximum of it all. That's great :)

I can even say this one is kind of innovative :D

i like this game but you lose one point for mentioning all stars


after maxing everything out... its just boring xD
(before its also boring but after that ist *holy-crap-i-want-something-to-do*bor ing...)

played till the end... why?:D i like the soundtrack xD

make some improvement ;)

kinda simple

the hold boxes are kinda useless as long as you keep the workers on an even level
(helps if you start from the final guy and work back)
you should allow people to hire more employees so you can have multiple workers doing the same job as a way to speed it up etc

what i dont understand is why on the leaderboards there are people that took 30+ days to reach the million ahead of people that took under 30 days.