Reviews for "CatGrim"

Excellent work!

Very well designed, nice to look at, I like the music, and I think it's great that the challenge comes not only from platforming, but the amazing coordination between fading and not fading, in addition to having to run at times, sometimes fading multiple times in one jump. It's a control scheme that can really reward the player when they get the hang of it, as it feels very fluid when performed properly. Thank you very much!

Very Interesting.

This is a very unique idea if it's yours. Here at NG we have a lot of rip-off companies that just re-skin classic games. Please don't do that; It's unprofessional.

If this is your original idea, this is fantastic, the music is great, the difficulty gives it good replay value. Way to go. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, 10 stars for originality.

I had the keyboard problem, but...

I used the arrow keys and the controls worked fine with those! This game is HARD...and I was playing on forgiving!

Great job on the music, level design, and overall feel.

The ramp up in difficulty is a bit steep, but it feels very rewarding when you beat a level. I'm glad you included the level selection page so that I can skip ahead if I want!

Great job on your first release!

So Good

You did a awesome job on this I like the final outcome of this game. Your brother did a good job on the music. I'm gonna find that hidden room one day btw.

I gotta say I love it. It's really nice how you took this simple concept and used it in all these different ways so that the level designs are clever, original, and at an even difficulty level. At a sweet spot where it's hard enough to make a level rewarding to beat and not unfairly difficult.

Kudos to you, and may you continue your streak of fantastic