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Reviews for "CatGrim"

I think it's maybe underrated?

I played this a little. It's quite enjoyable and fun. Also it's like a platform run\jump puzzle. I think it's nice game. Hm... it deservs more than 3.33. I think 3.9 would be fair.

So Good

You did a awesome job on this I like the final outcome of this game. Your brother did a good job on the music. I'm gonna find that hidden room one day btw.

I had the keyboard problem, but...

I used the arrow keys and the controls worked fine with those! This game is HARD...and I was playing on forgiving!

Great job on the music, level design, and overall feel.

The ramp up in difficulty is a bit steep, but it feels very rewarding when you beat a level. I'm glad you included the level selection page so that I can skip ahead if I want!

Great job on your first release!

Looks great but...

The game looks and sounds great, the big issue i see is a lack of gradual stepping in to the game/balance issue. I can't even make it past room 1. I get to the last bit with the hanging spikes and i can't figure out how to get past it. Jumping doesn't get me anywhere near the other side and running straight across it almost gets me to the wall. If you could jump while faded, i could see it being possible. The only way i see getting across is to run and jump, then in a split second after you jump, fade. My couple attempts have failed though.

tomoAwasu responds:

It sounds like your issue is you can't hold the run, jump, and fade key at the same time, yes?. My friend had this issue, it has something to do with your keyboard settings not letting you press too many buttons at once. I don't recall if he figured out how to change it though. If you can't figure out your keyboard settings try using a different computer/keyboard that doesn't do that and you'll be fine.

Very Interesting.

This is a very unique idea if it's yours. Here at NG we have a lot of rip-off companies that just re-skin classic games. Please don't do that; It's unprofessional.

If this is your original idea, this is fantastic, the music is great, the difficulty gives it good replay value. Way to go. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, 10 stars for originality.