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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Not what I would call a "lol"

It was pretty stupid...

eh.... no

I didn't really like this, the facts were messed up, if link from the future went back in time and killed the original link and took the sword, how would he be alive? Zelda wouldn't have been saved and the sword wouldn't be legendary, like a time paradox. REally the only thing that maid me laugh was that he burn the sword to ashes cause its wooden.

Nice try...

It needs work. And a better plot.

bad bad and bad

It can't


Hate to say it but this flash is a bit... bland...

For starters, it was too short, didn't really have anything behind it. The framerate for it was really bad too... Anyways, it wasnt that great, but I'l be generous and give it a 2