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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

I love Zelda, but...

What was the point? A lot of things don't quite fit together. First of all... Why the hell would the minister want a crappy wooden sword? Next, if you go into the past and kill yourself, then wouldn't you be dead in the future? This wasn't funny. I give a lot of credit for the graphics, and the sound, that shit is all from the game, none of that drawn crap.

Well, you look like you're on the right track.

Well, this movie looks to be a step forward at least. Definitely not good, but not total crap either.

Now then, to answer the other person's question about what order the zelda games come in: they don't come in any order. Each Zelda game is a totally different story altogether, with no sequential order.


That's it?!?

A thoroughly boring little story, which isn't funny and doesn't make any observations about the game or characters. And c'mon, this was like playing Mortal Kombat with the blood codes turned off.

I feel that this is happens right before...

Links Quest For Ass. Except 8-bit Link died and so did the Old Man


that was really dumb