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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Nice idea, but poorly made.

Sorry. The graphics are nice enough, the music OK, but the dialogue should've been a LOT funnier, as well as the deaths of the characters. I fell asleep reading the texts.


This was not very funny or entertaning. Try harder next time.

Something was missing...

I agree with Zabuza, the animation shined like a goddamn sun burning my viring pupils for the lack of a good plot, the dialogues weren't that bad but the story was...oh a cookie!!!

that was stupid im sry

i mean the only remtely funny part was when the guy got mad about link killing link...im sry but you need a beter story or something not to be nit picky but when you typed know one ever saw him again it's sapposed to be no. srr good luck in the future.

Ouch... sorry, dude.

Art: 6/10
I enjoyed the idea of crossing the sprites, but you needc to try harder. the sword kinda floating in midair..... not a good idea. Try to have the character actually holding the sword.\

Audio: 2/10
Just some ripped mp3 files. Nothing special.... Try remixing the songs, or failing that, look in the audio portal! there are tons of awesome remixes of the Zelda tunes. (hint: InfinityVas) I don't blame you for the lack of voice acting, as not everyone has the nessecary equipment. However, try allowing someone to read what you write. A good way to go about this is to copy the sprite into a subtitle bar at the bottom of the screen, and put the dialouge alongside it.
Plot: 3/10
The concept has potential, but you failed at executing it. Make it longer, and actually add some kind of villain. The old man was a good idea, but he should've been harder to kill, or not have been killed at all. Write a storyline, and try again.

Overall Score: 4/10
You tried, but you failed. Maybe you should make a sequel, and bring this idea to life!