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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


Well, using logic and of course, Back To The Future, this movie makes no sense. First of all, if you kill yourself in the past, then obviously, you'd be dead in the future, this of course is impossible, and therefore it is a paradox... lol, thanks BTTF :)


That sword's made of wood, it's not the master..heh.
it was ok

Not very great.

The graphics and animation was poor, link warped more than twice as much as big as he was. The story was ok but it wasn't funny. The sound was all choppy and the backgrounds were blurry jpegs. What the hell is this? "Mature"? I don't think so, it had no gore or language.


OMG!!! he killed the old man!!! that is an imposable feat! T.O.M. is un-killable!
( one time i even went 6 hours smacking him with the magic sword and he didint die!)

An epic tale of...okay who am I kidding

Well it was kinda funny and the plot wasn't bad, it just wasn't good but I saw a good parody to expand on.