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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

Not bad

I dont know what the hell that hard core zelda nerd is talking about who the hell cares were you use the music first off its a spoof not a real game. Anyways i liked it good job!

i think that was pretty good

wasn't the greatest thing i seen but it was still pretty good out of 5 i give it a 4

not bad at all

pretty good...good storyline man but it could have been a bit better..i like it keep up tha good work


that was funny it could use a better story line but it was still funny and i liked the style of it. good job.


I like the movie but that's not why I'm really writing a review.

Connon, shut your damned hole. You're not going to fuck anyone up except your pet from behind. This movie is very old and for the time this was, actually still is, a damn decent flash. Telling people to kill themselves is pretty damned inconsiderate.
If I find you saying "KILL YOURSELF" to someone again I'm going to personally fuck you up and gun you down!!!! See how moronic that seems? Next time just keep your thoughts to yourself, we will all profit from it.