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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


it wasn't too bad I've seen better and I've seen worse

Good try

Hey good try on this. It was cool that you super-imposed the Zelda:Link to the past stuff on the NES one...Oh yeah just to clear up a few things.
1. If your gonna say ANYthing about video games at least know the subject.
2. According to the Zelda story line Zelda 1 and 2 came after Zelda link to the past. Hence the name. *coughsassholescoughs* Also Im not mentioning any names *coughsKami-kazicoughs* But you people need to know your sources better. Anyway good job. See ya

It's okay...

This is a technical complaint,but if Link killed himself in the past,he wouldn't have a future, right?The way the people disappeared when they died sucked too.Otherwise it's O.K.

This was pretty cool

But man...when you make your movies..you obviously do not care about your spelling or gammar. I mean for a movie that you fixed..it should be perfect right.

Nostalgic stuff

As a fan of Link and the series this was pretty kewl. Transformation from snes to nes was unexpected and pretty funny. Jonathan S has done better, but still worth a look...