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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

so so

I agree that it would have been funny to add in the whole space-time continuum quandrary of killing your past self, but it was still good. Too short, though.

Made three tens...

Good idea!!!
What I don't like about it is that the enemies don't just die like that on Zelda.
If you were fighting NES link it would affect modern Link,and Link would take more that one hit to kill him!He can take up to fourteen hearts worth of damage before he actually dies, not one hit!!!!


...if Lik went back in time and killed past Link, that would mean future Link would be dead also. Anyways, not a bad effort.

not funny

this isnt funny. period.

Well, you look like you're on the right track.

Well, this movie looks to be a step forward at least. Definitely not good, but not total crap either.

Now then, to answer the other person's question about what order the zelda games come in: they don't come in any order. Each Zelda game is a totally different story altogether, with no sequential order.