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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"

That wrecked my night.

I had seen 5 good videos in a row and then I came to this. This thing was terrible, it had no violence,and it had no humor. put some effort into the next one you make.


I like the movie but that's not why I'm really writing a review.

Connon, shut your damned hole. You're not going to fuck anyone up except your pet from behind. This movie is very old and for the time this was, actually still is, a damn decent flash. Telling people to kill themselves is pretty damned inconsiderate.
If I find you saying "KILL YOURSELF" to someone again I'm going to personally fuck you up and gun you down!!!! See how moronic that seems? Next time just keep your thoughts to yourself, we will all profit from it.


Someone killed that old man, I hated that he would always talk on, and on it got anoying (If you tried to kill him he shot fire balls at you).

not bad

Pretty funny stuff. Could have been longer.

it was ok

it was ok but would have been better if there was the sapce-time continuim. i seen worse but seen better