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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


sort of good but it was a lil choppy :S
its a so so flash but the speech bubles still have unedited lines so... ya... and the end writing is pretty cheesy too
so.. dont make it choppy and fix the speech bubles
and o 1 more thing
if u have a mike make the speech for link the old dude and the minister


It was alright

Little messed up

You should work on the sprites a bit more, the link sprite just went from one place to another.

This needs work

The graphics were choppy as hell and the sound was a bit odd sounding (though that may just ve me). And the people just vanish when killed. And as the person before me mentioned, there's not even a drop of blood in the whole thing, so how did it get extremely violent?

Thats Just Old Fasioned Comedy And Its Great!

It Was Great Exept That If 16-Bit Link Killed 8-Bit Link Wouldn't 16-Bit Link Die?