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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


This was a preeety basic flash as far as they go. Im no expert but make some practice flashes and show them to your friends. They would probably tell you how it appeared to them.


^^Good Points^^
Well, I liked the music. Backgrounds weren't bad either.

^^Needs Improving^^
This was pretty poor. The animations were very slow, you definitely need to increase the framerate of your next movie by quite a bit. Also, work on some better form of displaying text, that just looks too childish. Storyline wasn't enticing at all. I was really bored by this mundane display.

Sorry for beeing a total jerk...

Sorry for my bad review,so I will just say that this will be blammed soon if no changes are made. Here are some changes that could boost your score:

1:Some decent good sprites,just go to the tutorials page for help
2:A decent story always helps
3:Rating is an IMPORTANT part for your score

If you just can't do sprites too good,you can always outline and fill the sprites and backgrounds for better quality.I feel like a total jerk.

Nice try...

It needs work. And a better plot.


If link went to the past and killed the other link, How come he wasn't erased from existence?