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Reviews for "Zelda Link To Past -Fixed"


It's a little strange, but still funny.

Big pile of poo

This was wank, this was worse than wank, the story was piss weak, and do you KNOW the difference between KNOW and NO? I think NO, but what do I KNOW? I could be wrong but there is NO way to KNOW for sure.

What the hell?

I started watching the movie but when Link entered the warp the screen froze and the music kept on playing. What's up with that??


Hate to say it but this flash is a bit... bland...

For starters, it was too short, didn't really have anything behind it. The framerate for it was really bad too... Anyways, it wasnt that great, but I'l be generous and give it a 2


he kills everyone in this short film hahaha rofl