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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"


It won't happen until after 2012... well it can't be worse than my friends explanation
"First theres going to be lots of zombies"
"Then while your all fighting the zombies im going to hide in my cactus"
"The cactus will protect me and then i can eat and drink the cactus"
"When the cactus is dry ill just go to another cactus"
"Probrem solved"

M4KBOT responds:

This is probably the best review I've ever seen!


Hey yo dude, wut i see in the future is this so keep it in mind water resources will end so they will find a new resource like mars glaciers or stuff like that so they will burn em to get water and stuff but another thing is that like in idk 2042 or 2045
humans will begin WW3 with nuclear bombs or atomic maybe and stuff but dude really cool animation!!!!!!!


Why does this remind me of the Ricky Gervais Show?

"And Canada is like... Canada."

Hahahahahahaha, because we wouldn't let the americans through the border no doubt. Bloody arseholes. ^_^

Loved it. Sure, you used the same two frames looped for for a lot of the drawings, but hell, who gives a flying fsck anyways?