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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"

So uh...

...how much pot has your roommate been smoking to get in a state of mind like that...?

Anyways, you got an interesting style of animation, but it's still a bit static. The humor was dry alright, but not that good. Too childish and random for a guy of his age (that's why I assume pot was involved).
Anyways, keep it up.

cause canada's like... canada :D

your roommate proly likes tentacles alot :D gj with the animation(I feel jealous of anyone that does animation now), short, simple and funny :D

. . .

N-sanity island music right thar
good choice

i hope its true

i LOVE cold climates


Your friend just came up with the next best selling Sci-Fi box office hit.... that or the next biggest box office flop depending if Michael Bay does it or not