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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"

Good show old chap

I love dry humor and the people that don't are the retarded ones below. Anything below a 6 those people need to crawl back into the basement an suck on moms teets a little more.

"Good Flash, But..."

I Think your Roommate should stop playing so much Half Life.

For those who wants to know what the song is fully

The song is called "Crash Twinsanity Theme" made by Spiralmouth. Crash Twinsanity is an EPIC game. No, it is not the gay crash from "Crash of the Titans" ir "mind over mutant".
Appearantally Crash Twinsanity is not too glitched like the fucked up "Sonic The Hedgehog 2006" game. Dang that game has ALOT of glitches.

If you want to buy Crash Twinsanity, it is available for the Ps2 and Xbox 360 and can be sold in Ebay. That or there might be a chance the "Crash Action Pack" might still be in stores which has 3 crash games inside (including Crash twinsanity).

wow, I loved Sierra for helping Valve on Half-life. But ruining Crash Bandicoot, my VERY FIRST GAME SERIES!!! Fuck Sierra and Radical Games.

partially right

not only have you humans discovered darkmatter already, but anti matter is now a reality and can be used for power.

Your roommate cannot be right.

Tentacle monsters are the scariest shit.

But the 4th place is well deserved because I just happen to like pencil like animation with all of the weird squiggles. However it kind of reminds me of the same take as Dot Dot Dot, but not remotely as funny. So I don't know, this movie kinda sucked in the comedy section, but is still an easy way to waste time

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