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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"


it was a like a really good flash like i liked it like so yea........unicorns

your friend wasn't oridginal

maybe he told you but you should put it at the end, almost the exact same thing happens in a book my friend read, I can't remember what it is called but ask him if he read it there and if he did put it in the author comments or it's like plagerism

still a schweer vid

It's okay, but

Honestly, does he really talk like that? No offence, but that's annoying. I couldn't stand to listen to him for five minutes.


Was really funny. <Canada will be..like..you know..Canada>
The only reason i didnt give a 10 is because of the sound was not that good and the drawing could had be a little better.
But nice work.

Canada is uh...Canada

Yep, we never change in world extinction events. We just sit here with a beer in hand, and watch the show.

Anyway, though the animation wasn't superb it was suitable for the voice acting which was well recorded for being "on-the-spot". Interesting question, and very odd response but lovely none the less. Good job and umm..keep up the good work?

Maybe you can make a series out of this, or a collab of some sort? Ask the people of Newgrounds what it will be like in 2100! Who knows that could be the theme for the next movie jam?! My prediction is humanity is eliminated by either a nuclear war, the asteroid "Apophis", or a chain of global disasters probably related to climate change.

Dark matter does exist, it's been proven. It isn't "astronomers equivalent to christianities god", because dark matter actually is observable, repeatable, provable, and testable. Unlike the the many myths of many cultures and religions such as but not limited to "god". Look it up.