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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"

Textbook Answer!

Nail'd it!

I'd beg to differ besides one point

Nice animation, and decent background track. It was sort of annoying with all the constant repetitions of "like"between words. But to the thing I do agree on; Canada will always be "Uhh, like Canada"

Sounds about right.

Its pretty amazing how much your room mates calculations are a like to mine except i had the theory thats where the tentacle rape thing that the Japanese are into comes into play when the monsters try cross breeding with our females.

Yep. sounds about right.

And like,

And like, and like, like and, kinda like, but like not really, cause like... Your roommate is a "valley girl".

Descent animations, original idea, and really appreciated the back ground sound track. :)


Your buddy probably watched futurama, the movie where a rip in space happens and the guy with tenticals is in the hole and he has a bunch of eyes.