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Reviews for "Predicting The Future"

To all the noobs out there

The reason hes making so many ers and um sounds is because it's authentic speech. Everybody does that when they are speaking spontaneously. They are called fillers, and linguistically indicate the brain is processing.

Have a nice day. Great er movie I, um... Kin. Guess.

M4KBOT responds:

Yeah, he was pretty much just speaking off the top of his head when we recorded this. Thanks for the review.


i feel as if he was high trying to expalin this
also i dislike canada
not relevent but


Like, eh, y' know, awesome

This, like, made me...uh...you know, laugh a lot but not laugh, like, laugh at you but from, like, your joke, since it was, uh, like, very funny and, like, this roommate of your is, eh, pretty funny too, like, this video is, uh, awesome

Quite good.

It sounded like things that I say when I'm high/stoned.


its like is FKIN ANNOYING..

america in 2100? LoL :D

canada, well still canada.. hahaha

rather than sex you came up with aliens vs humans.. gaddamn nerd.. too much porn and jacking is bad for you..


its like its like its like again and again and again and again is REALLY FKING ANNOYING