Reviews for "Maple: Let's Animate!"


I think all the videos you make are so funny. Perfect voices.

Normall I'd write a long review about stuff you did bad, but there is nothing wrong with it, I love it.

as much i don't lik maple story..

this is really cute xD

Yeah. Passed on it for me!

Only one, no two, little problems...
1 - It's too short;
2 - Voice action on low volume.
But the rest is alright! Liked the soundtracks, especially the Zelda's one.

From Li'l Muszel

Not that good

Maplestory is a good theme to go with but, this wasn't good at all.
The sprites were poorly made and it was not that fun.
It was a good lip sync and voice acting but, this is a below average flash.


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