Reviews for "Tsunami Fighter"

i luv this stuffs

It seems like Mockery is making most of these good new games.

Great Idea

I loved the Arcade style game play/ sound/ looks! And what a great idea! I suck at reviews sorry.

Simplistic game, and great message.

First off, let me tell you thank you for supporting the victims of the earth quake in Japan. It shows that ANYONE can help, no matter what, around the world.
And I thank you for that. I'm really just a speck in the world, but oh well.
The game keeps you entertained, in a fun sort of way. The first few times it was not challenging, but keys started to change and so I lost the first few rounds. Mixing keys makes this game unique, instead of a regular button mashing games. The retro feel to this game brought back memories to me, and the idea itself was amazing.


its a funny game and i was confused if you were making fun of it then i saw the donate sign and thought it was cool you can play a game and donate nice job and thanks for helping others in need your a good man

Thanks for doing this

Some of my family in Japan lost their homes to the tsunami and my cousins lost their father to the stupid thing. It's good to know that many people care about what is happening over there.

It was a quick and fun game. Somehow I didn't get the donation medal, but no sweat.