Reviews for "TBM - Die Die Die"


but entertaining im glad somebody finally had the courage to make fun of all this doom & gloom nonsense focused on the year 2012 sheesh there r plenty of other dates the world could have ended but we r still here but im ranting now 10/10 u earned it : )


Just because the Mayans FAILED to create a calendar that could go beyond the 21st December 2012 doesn't mean the world is going to fucking end...

Great flash!


If you have a extended version of this song. I will buy it and never stop playing it!
The cute little animals singing this is just "PURE AWESOMENESS!!!"
The animation is "AWESOME"
The Song is "AWESOME"


I dont know wheter its cute or scary lol


I found this through the Die, Die, Die song from your Rebecca Black flash. I love this one. It's a great beat and it's great how everyone is so happy as they're told they're going to die. The animation quality was also very nice. Great job all around.