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Reviews for "TBM - Die Die Die"


Would have been MUCH funnier with the squeaky voice. Please cease and desist with voice modification software because it totally kills it.

The animation was alright and the music catchy nontheless, so I'll give it a 7.


That.....was....really disturbing. But great at the same time.

F.Y.I, although i love the animation and voices, i think the plot is bullshit. Everyone thinks the end of the world is 2012 because of some fucking mayans. IT ISNT PROVEN!! But i still like the animation. So dont go hating on me. Im just proving a point.


It just got EPIC.




dude seriusly you sometimes scare me.....

mixed :x

10 for massacring such incredibly cute animals :3
-3 for bullshit about 2012