Reviews for "TBM - Die Die Die"

good animation.

i heard that the nasa found anothe rplanet from our solar system called niburu that makes a complete turn arround our sun every 360000 yearsi think im not sure.
and....this time itr will hit earth they say.....

oh and nice animation maybe add more graphics... and...its distrubing.
i like this style short just enough to enjoy that time to the max.

good sound effects.


verry nice. so when im dead on the 12/12/2012 i will think about this movie about a cat that warned us about it:P

so all i can say is this: party youre ass off untill youre dead. die happy!

No wonder

No wonder i'm gonna die!Cats are growing aposable Thumbs!!!


This is disturbing i voted 4 cuz at least it deserves some votes for the animation


Would have been MUCH funnier with the squeaky voice. Please cease and desist with voice modification software because it totally kills it.

The animation was alright and the music catchy nontheless, so I'll give it a 7.