Reviews for "Reincarnation: ATOE"

Nice game, but there's a glitch

If you leave while the guy is "adding an ingredient " to the food, the order placed sign stays red, so you can't make him do it again in order to win the game.

Regardless, the Reincarnation series is GREAT, keep it up!


This is one of the most fantastic series created. Keep on throwing those games out there, and Ill follow and buy the merch. :D

Great as always!

It was much shorter than I'd normally like, but I found it at JUST the right time; I was just looking for a way to kill the 5 minutes before my next class and this TOTALLY did it! As with the others, this game's going right on my favorites-list.



I hate whoever deleted my last review.

Once again, another good game to kill the time. Okay, I got the medals, dialed 666-6666, and deep fried the escaped soul. Thank you good night.