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Reviews for "Reincarnation: ATOE"


yes thank you for making a new one.......i love every single one of the reincarnation......p.s. if you have time make some more pls i will be happy....

Because of the credits

I'm in the credits :) yay

Be Proud of the Work....

Another great game for the series. Keep it up guys.


Great job. The Reincarnation series are by far one of the best series in newgrounds. Art, graphics, and voice acting is great as always. The game is short, but it's still awesome. Can't wait for the next episode. And i'm glad that Reincarnation series are getting popular like with toys, t-shirts, and the new Demon Pet download. I know it's gonna sound funny, but am i the only one that thinks that it will be awesome if you get to send killers from famous horror movies to hell. Oh, well, that's just my imaganation lol. Keep up the great work =D

I don't need the Spanish option, but I'm glad you put it there, that's awesome. Good game, a bit too simple however.