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Reviews for "Reincarnation: ATOE"

i like it :)

it's a fast game, i finish it in 10 minutes but is cool.And aout the easter egg

O RLY ¬¬' it's cool a little idiot but COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL MAN

phone money & walkthrough

the two coins are located 1:street curb by phone 2:roof near the tool box
get the coins you need those grab the cloth and the sodaand the gum located left of the tele others to the right...
use the soda on the cloth and the wet cloth on the truck call the number
go through the a/c on the roof and click on the drive thru sign (its kinda invisible but its red and to the very left) stick the gum on the sink and click the sign again and when he does his thing turn on the sink AAAANNND He died


the way he died is funny i like this game

dile 6666666666666 on teh phone

hope helps cuz its a meadel

Fun and funny game