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Reviews for "Reincarnation: ATOE"


undeadrhino i completely agree with you this would be a great real console game. Wish these games were a little longer tho.


Ah, I always enjoy these.

"Unsanitary..human...feed..hole", is one of the best lines ever, and it's totally going to be a band name. I gotta say, the demon's voice is perfect. He looks just like he sounds.



its good but not bad either, i found it too short compared to the others, i mean all you do is call the repair man go into the building and spray the dude with water, i dont see how this is reincarnation material. Well i hope this is a lead up to one that will blow us away

Secret Medal

On the telephone cabine put all the numbers 6666666.

secret medal

on the phone call the number of hell (that mean 66666) great one by the way