Reviews for "Reincarnation: ATOE"


Evil, fun, short and alittle cynical, with some good humour.
The art is very well done, and the puzzles, though alittle puzzling, usually aren't too much of a stumper.
This entire series is full of (evil) win.
Keep it up.

Never gets boring

After soo many games, one might think it would become boring but it never does! The game is great, as always, but the puzzles in this one weren't challenging at all. While I understand that you want to make the game accessible to everyone, it does make it too easy for hardcore achievement whores like me :P. Maybe you should add difficulty levels where there are more puzzles and harder ones too.

I hate whoever deleted my last review.

Once again, another good game to kill the time. Okay, I got the medals, dialed 666-6666, and deep fried the escaped soul. Thank you good night.


I would rate teh game a ten if it was playable
When i click play the game auto beats it self in 2 seconds wth is wrong with my internet ive had this problem with other games too


haha if u type 6666666 in the phone :D u get an awesome phone call