Reviews for "N?na, Ha?e F?aith"

Multiple endings?

This was a fun game. I found myself slipping off ledges quite a few times though, and tapping to run is a bit annoying. [spoilers] Made it all the way to the end without killing anyone except the first guy, and destroyed all the statues. I still get a bad ending. I don't know if there's anything more, or if reaching the farthest room was the only reward, but I lost interest in the game by then. Considering the choices your given, I would like to see more then one conclusion.[/spoilers]

Too hard to play

It looks like an interesting remake of Eversion, but I just can't handle the controls. "Jump for key, overshoot...go all the way back around...jump for key, fall off too soon...go all the way back around...jump for key, get it...knocked away by enemy...Jump for key, overshoot..." I really wanted to like this game, too.

Droqen responds:

try shoot enemy first? :)

Good game

Kinda hard to read the text but maybe that's how it 'pose to be, music could have been better.. otherwise interesting game concept.. enjoyed it.

Good Game

All in all its a great game I give you an 8. The Glitches got to me makes me feel as if you rushed. Great Game though bro

Nice but some gliches

nice flash-game but your walkthrough-video-site is not found by my pc
(404 error code SHIIIIAAYT)!!!!!!!!!therefore i gave you only 8 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very hard to beat the jump-thing in the end!!!!

Droqen responds:

try the portal!

-- also, yeah, you have to remove the space. it's newground's fault, not mine ):