Reviews for "DuoBlaster"

Dont like it.

It's not fun you die too easy, the controls are funky and the ships to slow. You would have an easier time playing as on of the enemy ships. It's not a fun game.

fix the controlls

the sprite needs to move WITH the mouse, not by moving the riticle up and down. this game is unplayable

Very good game

I couldnt finish the game, at some point the control are just too slow. You can't keep up!!
Music is really good and overall the game is well made.

Homing enemies from behind, never a fun time.

Decent game, though the mouse controls while generally manageable you pretty much have to switch to keyboard control during the asteroid segments to avoid smashing through rocks purely because going up or down a small exact amount is kinda iffy.

The hardest part of the game, wasn't bosses or screens full of high health enemies. It was when you had a boss or lots of enemies while waves of the homing enemies went after you from behind. Even if you are firing four missiles at a time, they will always aim for something besides them. If it's a boss, you don't have the room to go forwards then loop back because you'd run face first into the boss.

Yes, I used the the rechargeable bomb. It isn't frequent enough to clear all of them before they stop coming, even when you do use it in those moments.

First Death: Asteroids while using mouse controls.
Second Death: waves of homing enemies ramming me from behind during a boss.
Third Death: See second death, vs another Boss. As I was also by the top of the screen at the time, lost pretty much all my upgrades as they floated offscreen. Though I'm lucky as it is you can get any back in a shooter.
Fourth Death: Just generally failing against the last boss. No game flaws there, just me being a failure.

It's not a bad game overall, just doesn't feel worth a high score when the main difficulties are control flaws and gotcha moments.

The game is good but...

At the end, it gets way to easy, the quick levelling makes you to overpowered, and I found that I don't even need my bomb until the final boss to finish the game. Even then, I made it to the 9th place at my FIRST playthrough. You should really do something about that. In the end I was thinking: "Are we there yet" all the time so...