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Reviews for "The 3 Pigs MV"

Entertaining 'til the end

Great music choice and great animation. The beginning made me think of old cartoons - the good kind when cartoons on TV were worth watching. Very colorful and drawn simply but not poorly.
I liked it all from start to finish. There are some things that could've been improved, but nothing worth mentioning. Mostly little details that are pretty much covered by the description.
The changes in the scenes for each house kept it from getting monotonous. By that I mean the changes on the chalkboard, the wolf's expression, and the interior setting with each of the pigs. Clearly effort was put into this to keep it interesting all the way through.
Overall it's a cool little flash. Hope you get an A.

Errm okay, lol

Brilliant tune, what a choice for backing track, hahaha. Great lyrics and nice animation, cant wait to see what youve done to sonic and knuckles.

It was cute

I didn't like when I was trying to do other things, that the animation stalled and didn't keep with the song. But I guess that's the nature of the flash, and my fault.

Keep it up.

Nice one :P

Now i want a Double burger :/