Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

Same prob!

It wont load D:
(giving this a five, coz i have no clue what the game is like)


its fun...but it freezes on level 17 every time i finish it....most frustrating level yet too.


Computer gets to choose victory.

Like the concept even if it is a repeat.

But come on man. Lvl 19 is stupid. If you follow the walkthrough, the cpu takes a different route and wins.

Its the only level where you literally start with less than 10% of the enemies strength, and the only way to win is the computer CHOOSE not to win. Which is pretty much 9/10 of the time he chooses to win.

Seriously, i'll be playing, and just out of the blue he goes all offensive. Well he starts out with 100 and i start out with 10. So i automatically lose. This game is just stupid to the point of me not seeing the point when you rig it.

10 is impossible. even the walk through doesnt work


level 10 is obviously unbalanced and impossible to complete