Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


awesomeeee!!!! gameee!!!!, in some parts is very difficult but is very cool game. i like it :D

has no second part?? xD xD



Same prob!

It wont load D:
(giving this a five, coz i have no clue what the game is like)


This is a great sequel to an already good game. The first few levels inform you of the game's strategy a bit better, which is good for people who didn't play the first one. A lot of the levels in this one were extremely easy and not much of a challenge, but the new purple enemy made up for that to say the least.
One weird quirk in the game is the pause button. When you pause the game, nothing actually happens, but the timer is still going and the enemy is strategizing. You can hear them popping out tentacles, but nothing happens. After a while, you unpause the game and there's enemy tentacles everywhere. So yeah, the pause feature is rendered pretty useless. The game doesn't really NEED a pause feature that badly though, so it's no big deal. Some of the levels could have been better made though, since a lot of them are extremely easy and don't require any strategy at all. And I'm not just talking about the first few, there are some toward the end where you really only have one option and it eventually leads to victory. 4/5, though good game.

Decent Game

But far easier than the first. This installment focused more on stratedgy and adaption rather than problem/puzzle solving like in the first... Which I understand is more suited to purple units.

I also ran into the problem with playing offline/logged out and not being able to earn medals. I tried clearing all by history(cookies, cache, etc) and switching to a different browser (F@*#, IE). Resetting my adobe flash memory solved the problem...