Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"


As good as the first one, just finished, needed the walkthrough for two levels lol, one was the 19th. Still awesome, like the first one though!!!! Thanks for the LEVEL EDITOR and make at 3rd one!!!!!! 5/5 10/10 Another favorite!


i won the first game so im gonna win the second its fun!

Very good

Extremely challenging and fun, I got stuck on 10(what a noob, right?) and I'm off to play other things, because I need a fresh mind to come back and beat this.

Weird, purple guys feel easier!

Sure, the purple guys have better survival instincts and occasionally make good tentacle cuts, but they're also a bit too aggressive on long tentacles and that makes for easy counters with a long tentacle cut of my own. in a way, I found them easier opponents because of overextending themselves!


its fun...but it freezes on level 17 every time i finish it....most frustrating level yet too.