Reviews for "TW. The Purple Menace"

very nice

awsome adicting stratagy game....

oh btw nice work with the picture hidden in the unlocked meddles

Amazing game

I really got into this game, good work to the creators and they should keep up the good work :)


It's so addicting!! I'm in level 17 now. 3 more levels to go!

My...this is outrageous! My mind is starting to blow...this is getting harder and harder but nice game nonetheless :D

Innovative and functional concept!

This game offers the feelings of under- and overempowerment that strategy games also offer. I'm not a fan of the first one, but luckily this is in fact closer to puzzle games than strategic war games: if you've made a wrong move, it's probably best to start the level all over again.

An interesting and fully functional concept all in all.

Prehaps a rainbow

will be the end result. i hope to see many more and always a fan.
The Pink Terror was a name i thoghtt of for ur next one :D.
I agree with DoomRater, though more interactive i beleive they are eaiser for counters.
The free play is wonderful and i enjoy it very much, i cant wait for another (if u decide to make one) Thanks for the awesome games :D