Reviews for "Fun Teacher"

No harp from ERA this time? Also unimpressed by the lack of cowbell, the only important instrument in modern music.

I really liked how I could hear some of the Jon Babb in between the pop with those strings playing tensions. Such a characteristic yet always interesting sound. :)

Also jealous you are not my teacher. Come teach at Berklee! ;)

Bosa responds:

I do not teach music! I just teach it as an extra curriculum activity for my sixth graders. I doubt I am worthy to teach music anyways, lololol.


Very pleasant loop. Would be great to hear more from you along this style. :)

Bosa responds:

Maybe I will. If I can learn how to write lyrics, I may even sing you a song or two.

Nothing but girls? Awwww look at youuuu. But...I'm not sure I understand the tricky surprise? Anyways, nice loop with a nice mood. I do agree I wish it could have gone on just a little longer at least. To me, it wasn't quite a good spot to have created the loop, something to die off of that climax to then reawaken the beginning would have been better. Buuut yeah it's still all cool. Neat that you're a teacharrr

Bosa responds:

Indeed. Maybe I should have made it a bit longer, yeah?

Your students must be so lucky! I can only dream of a teacher composing stuff for us :3

The song reflects a pretty careless state of mind, going on with life as if nothing mattered, just moving on, day after day, and keep going forever! It sure brightened up my day! :)

The reason I didn't give it a perfect score is because, even though it is a loop, I wish it was longer! I would really have liked an extra minute or two.

The arrangement is pretty seamless, it loops properly, and it stays cohesive throughout, even after the little surprise! Nothing feels out of place or context. It just works.

I also liked how the drums were mixed with the rest, present but not overwhelming, and how you managed to keep the guitar upfront instead of it being muffled by the rest with that extra brightness on the high ends.

Overall, everything flows really well to make a really cohesive song structure that brings new elements along the way, and even though it is a bit short to my liking, it's pretty awesome. Thank you, thank you! :)

Bosa responds:

No, thank YOU! Your review is very insightful.